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All tables in the ELN have the same format and similar functionalities:

  1. Filter. When multiple values are entered in the Filter field, the filtering can be performed in two ways:
    1. Table AND. This performs an AND search across all entities listed in the table.
    2. Global OR. This performs an OR search on all entities to which the user has access in the database.
  2. Table download. Tables can be exported in different ways, from the Options drop down menu,.  Please remember NOT TO USE plain text tables for batch update!
  3. Column displayUsers can select which properties to display from the Columns drop down menu. This information is stored in the database for each user.
  4. Delete multiple entities. Users can select multiple entities in a table and then choose the Delete selected option from the Options drop down menu.

In all tables there is an Operations column, which allow users to perform certain tasks on an Object:

  1. Open the hierarchy graph.
  2. Open the hierarchy table.
  3. Upload a file to the Object.
  4. Move the Object to another Experiment/Collection.