The complete solution for managing your research data

Digital notebook

Data management

Inventory management

Inventory management

Whatever your research field, keep track of all materials and samples used in your lab. Create experimental or computational procedures to share with all lab members.

Lab notebook

Describe your wet-lab or computational experiments and link to the materials, samples and protocols stored in the inventory.

Data management

Make your data FAIR. Store all data connected to your experiments, of any size and format, via the web interface or using background upload scripts, depending on the data size.


Use openBIS as metadata repository and use our git-like tool to link huge datasets across different locations.

Integrations for data analysis

Use Jupyter notebook to analyse your data and store your notebooks in openBIS. Use the APIs to integrate openBIS in your workflow manager to extract data for large-scale analysis on a computer cluster and upload results back to openBIS.


Excel-compatible import and export formats for all tables. Export of lab notebook to text and word files.

Access and rights management

Full control of user profile and access privileges.

Audit trail

Keep track of all modifications entered in the database.


Write your own plugins to extend existing functionalities or add new ones.

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