A new version of openBIS, 20.10.3, is available.


Overview of main new features.




  1. New Tables, with several added functionalities, such as filtering by column, multi-column filtering, changing position of columns, moving multiple entries, select/deselect all entries in one page, sorting by multiple columns.
  2. New batch upload and batch update with Excel template files. The Excel templates are more user-friendly and easier to use compared to the old ones. The old batch registration/update, are however still available.
  3. Entity History tables. All changes made to entities in openBIS are stored in the database. The information of these changes was until now available only in the core UI. This is now available also in the ELN.
  4. Configuration of view mode for Collections. Currently Collections are displayed differently if they are in the Lab Notebook or in the Inventory. It is now possible to configure for each Collection the preferred view. This can be done by any regular user.
  5. Updated CK Editor, version 5.


Note: Please note that tables and forms now display HTML tags for all text properties that have been stored as such in the database and do not have the Word Processor enabled. This can be the case for properties where the Word processor was first enabled and later disabled in the ELN. In versions prior to 20.10.3, the ELN was always removing HTML tags from all text properties in forms and tables, independently on whether the Word Processor was enabled or not. In 20.10.3 this is the case only for text properties with the Word Processor enabled.



Admin UI


  1. Masterdata registration via Excel file. Object types, Collection types , Experiment types, Property types and Controlled vocabularies constitute the openBIS masterdata. Instance admins will now be able to register masterdata by using an Excel template file that can be imported in the admin UI. This option was previously already available, but only as core-plugin.
  2. Removal of global & local properties differentiation. All properties are now equivalent in the admin UI, as it used to be in the core UI. Local properties can be manually reproduced by adding a specific prefix.
  3. Overview of all properties and their assignments.


Query engine


    1. Caching implementation. This allows to speed up the manipulation of complex search results, in cases where the returned rows are further filtered, sorted and paged in the user interface.


Change Log


The complete list of changes — new features and bug fixes – is available here:

Change Log





This version can be downloaded from the production releases page of our wiki:

Download page





The current documentation can be found on our wiki:

Wiki documentation


The ELN documentation can be found on the openBIS website:

User documentation 20.10.3

Admin Documentation 20.10.3