openBIS v20.10.5 is now available.


The most relevant new features and bug fixes are:

  1. XLS exports in ELN UI: tables in the ELN can now be exported in XLS format (instead of .tsv). This export is compatible with the XLS imports for batch updates:
  2. XLS exports in admin UI. Types tables can now be exported from the admin UI. The exported XLS files can be imported in the admin UI. This facilitates exchanges of data models between different openBIS instances:
  1. New navigation menu preview in admin UI. It is now possible to navigate the openBIS hierarchy from the admin UI. This navigation menu is a preview of the new navigation menu that will be included in the ELN in the next openBIS minor release in 2023.
  1. Semantic annotations in XLS masterdata. It is possible to use semantic annotations for types in the XLS masterdata. Annotations are not yet visible in the ELN and admin UI, this will  be included in the next openBIS minor release in 2023.
  1. Parents and children kept in ELN templates. Previously when Object templates created in the ELN contained parents and children, these were not copied over when the templates were used. This is now fixed.
  2. Improvements to ELN settings in multigroup instances.
  3. Personal Access Tokens (PAT): simplify integration with other systems, by avoiding to provide username and password for authentication. PATs can be long-lived:


The full list of changes is available here:

This version can be downloaded from the production releases page of our wiki:





openBIS community forum now available: