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Batch register entries in a Collection



To register several entries of the same type from a file:

  1. Navigate to the relevant collection (e.g. Lab Instruments).
  2. Select Batch Register Objects from the More drop-down menu (see figure above)
  3. Select the Object type (Instrument in this case).Preview Changes (opens in a new tab)
  4. Download the template file and fill in the relevant information.
  5. Upload the file.


Rules to follow to fill in the template .tsv file

  1. Identifiers:
    1. Identifiers are given by /SPACE/PROJECT/OBJECT_CODE, e.g /MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT/INS1. Users can provide their own identifiers, or these can be automatically generated by openBIS.
    2. To have identifiers automatically generated by openBIS, completely remove the identifier column from the file.
  2. Lists. In fields that have lists to choose from (called Controlled Vocabularies), the code of the term needs to be entered. Term codes can be seen under Utilities -> Vocabulary Browser.
  3. Parents. Use the following syntax to enter parents: identifier1, identifier2, identifier3.
  4. Parents annotations. Use the following syntax to annotate parents: identifier:xxx;COMMENTS:xxxx\identifier:yyy;COMMENTS:yyyy. Where COMMENTS is the property used for the annotation in this case (to be replaced with the actual property used).