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Navigation menu


openBIS 20.10.6 features a new navigation menu.



This has the following functionalities:


1.Filter. You can filter the menu by names or codes.




2. Root nodes. If you do not want to navigate the full menu, but only a section of it, you can set the section you want to navigate as root node, by clicking the icon shown in the picture below.



This now becomes the root node, as shown below. To restore the full menu view, you can click on the root node icon shown below.


3. Sorting. The default sorting of the menu is in alphabetical. It is now possible to sort separately individual sections of the menu (ELN, Inventory, Stock) and individual nodes inside those sections. It is possible to do a custom sorting by moving around (drag&drop) entities in the menu. Please note that this is only possible inside a given level, i.e. you can re-organise Objects inside a Collection/Experiment; Collections/Experiments inside a Project; Projects inside a Space. However, you cannot move entities from one level to another, i.e. you cannot move an Object to a different Collection/Experiment; a Collection/Experiment to a different Project; a Project to a different Space. This can only be done from the Move option under the More.. dropdown menu in the forms.






4. Collapse/Expand. The full menu or individual nodes can be expanded or collapsed, with the button shown below.





5. Scroll to selected node. In some cases, the view in the main ELN page does not correspond to an entry selected in the menu. You can scroll to the selected node in the menu, using the button shown below.



The state of the menu is saved. Every time you change something in the menu, this change will be saved and when you login next time you will see the menu in the state you last saved it.