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How to use protocols in Experimental Steps



When adding protocols to an Experimental Step, two options are available:

  1. Link to a Protocol stored in the Inventory. This can be used if the protocol was followed exactly in all steps as described.
  2. Create a local copy of the Protocol from the Inventory in the current Experiment. This should be done if some steps of the main protocol were modified. These modifications can be edited in the local copy of the protocol, while the template is left untouched.


To create a local copy under the current Experiment of a template protocol stored in the Inventory:

  1. Add a protocol as parent.
  2. From the Operations dropdown in the parents table select Copy to Experiment.
  3. Provide the Object code for the new protocol.
  4. A copy of the protocol is created under the current Experiment, where the user can modify it. This copy has the original protocol set as parent, so that connection between the two is clear.