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Batch register entries in several Collections


It is possible to batch register Objects that belong to different Collections.

This can be done from the Object Browser page, under Utilities. Two options are available:


  1. XLS Batch Register Objects: batch registration via Excel template file.
  2. TSV Batch Register Objects: batch registration via .tsv template file.



XLS Batch Register Objects


This option for batch registration is available since openBIS version 20.10.3. It allows to register Objects of different types to multiple Collections.

You can select which types you want to register from the list of available types.


You can then download the template that will allow you to register Objects of the selected types to single or multiple Collections. The Space, Project, Collection need to be entered in the file. The complete path for Projects and Collections need to be used, as shown in this example file: SAMPLE-GENERAL-REGISTRATION-EXPERIMENTAL_STEP-MASS_MEASUREMENT-SAMPLE-template


TSV Batch Register Objects


The batch registration via .tsv file allows to batch register only one type of Object at a time. Objects however can be registered to several Collections.

This batch upload method is kept for backward compatibility, but it will be phased out.



In this case, if Objects are to be registered to multiple Collections, an identifier for the Objects needs to be provided, as shown below. This is not the case with the XLS batch registration, where identifiers can be automatically generated by openBIS.