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Export to File


Export Lab Notebooks

All levels of the Lab Notebook and Inventory can be exported, using the 2 export options in the More.. drop down, as shown below. It is possible to export metadata only, or metadata and data (up to 10 GBs). 




In this way, users can export their complete lab notebook with all data contained in it. Everything is exported to a zip file, which maintains the same structure used in openBIS. Each folder contains several file formats (.txt, .html, .json, .docx) with the metadata of the corresponding Project, Experiment, Object and Datasets (see below).


A link to download the zip file is sent via email to the user. Email notification needs to be configured by a system admin during or after installation, as explained in Configure Data Store Server .


In a similar way, it is possible to export Projects, Experiments, Objects, Datasets.

Export Builder

It is also possible to export the content of openBIS using the Export to ZIP under Exports in the Utilities main menu.  Here users can select items from different Spaces and export them by clicking the Export Selected button.


Also in this case, a link to download the data is sent to the user via email, as described above.