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Customise the Main Menu


Main Menu Sections

The main menu can be customised from the Settings, under Utilities, to hide sections that are not needed by the lab.



  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Go to the Main Menu section.
  4. Disable the parts of the menu which are not needed.
  5. Save.



  1. showLabNotebook: if unselected, the Lab Notebook section of the main menu (Lab Notebook) will be hidden.
  2. showInventory: if unselected, the Inventory section of the main menu (Inventory of Materials and Methods) will be hidden.
  3. showStock: if unselected, the Stock section of the main menu (Managing Lab Stocks and Orders) will be hidden.
  4. showObjectBrowser: if unselected, the Object Browser under Utilities in the main menu (Object Browser) will be hidden.
  5. showStorageManager: if unselected, the Storage Manager under Utilities in the main menu (Storage manager) will be hidden.
  6. showAdvancedSearch: if unselected, the Advanced Search under Utilities in the main menu (Advanced Search) be hidden.
  7. showUnarchivingHelper: if unselected, the Unarchiving Helper and Archiving Helper under Utilities in the main menu (Data archiving) will be hidden.
  8. showTrashcan: if unselected, the Traschcan under Utilities in the main menu (Trashcan) will be hidden.
  9. showVocabularyViewer: if unselected, the Vocabulary Browser under Utilities in the main menu (Vocabulary browser) will be hidden.
  10. showUserManager: if unselected, the User Manager under Utilities in the main menu (User Registration) will be hidden.
  11. showUserProfile: if unselected, the User Profile under Utilities in the main menu (User Profile) will be hidden.
  12. showZenodoExportBuilder: if unselected, the Zenodo Export under Utilities -> Exports in the main menu  (Export to Zenodo) will be hidden.
  13. showBarcodes: if unselected, the Barcodes Generator under Utilities in the main menu (Barcodes) will be hidden.


Lab Notebook menu


It is also possible to customise which entities should be shown under Experiments/Collections in the main menu under the Lab Notebook section.

By default, only the Object types Entry and Experimental Step are shown (see picture below).




If you want to show additional custom Object types in the lab notebook main menu, they need to be enabled by editing the Settings

Go to the Object Type definitions Extension section in the Settings. Open the relevant Object type, which you would like to see in the Main menu of the Lab Notebook and select Show in lab notebook main menu, as shown below.

By default, the Object Types Entry and Experimental Step have this option already selected. 




Please note that this is only valid for the Lab Notebook section. In the Inventory section, entries are never shown in the main menu, because inventories can potentially have thousands of entries, which are better visualised in tables, rather than in the main menu.